Curry Cabbage

This is a favorite from childhood. Mom steamed it with chicken broth and added red pepper flakes for a sweet + spicy veggie that we usually ate with mashed potatoes and fried chicken. This recipe upgrades the original recipe in many ways, with the added benefits of healthy fats and immune boosting spices.

Such a simple but healthy quick dish that pairs with a multitude of things. Pick a protein, [we prefer dishes like boiled shrimp + baked wild white fish or salmon]. Even adding additional veggies like broccoli and carrots go exceptionally well. If you diet allows for simple carbs,feel free to toss in a little pre-cooked rice, potato chunks or pasta. Potato chunks can be first boiled and them simmered in while cooking the cabbage. Cook slow and steady + Be really careful not to overcook.

R E C I P E:

chopped cabbage (full head), coconut oil 1-2 tbsp, spices to taste – curry, salt, pepper, cayenne. 1 can of coconut milk.

H O W:

chop cabbage, onion + garlic. melt oil. sauté onion, add garlic to sauté along with all spices. top with cabbage. pour milk on top. cover and simmer slowly til desired tenderness.

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