Nutrition & Fitness

Whether your goal is to lose weight, keep from gaining weight, attempting to improve your health; or maybe you were recently diagnosed with an ailment that requires a lifestyle change in the way of exercise and physical activity either to stabalize or improve your situation; Or if we simply want grow old more gracefully and/or have an improved and active sex life.

As equally or maybe even more important wen it comes to overall health, nutrition is said to be 80% of the solution to a healthy and fit body. Below are a couple of downloadable documents on clean eating nutritional basics and tips as well as other kitchen basics including valuable information to help you get on your way to living a healthier life. Contact us for more of a personalized private nutritional consultation and package rates based on your specific needs.

Remaining active and keeping the muscles & joints stretched and as flexible as possible are essential elements to preserving youth and  staying active for years to come.

Staying active can help not only build and maintain a healthy esteem; it can assist more specifically in weight lose, weight gain prevention, maintaining vital organs and muscles such as lungs, heart and radiant skin health. Below are a few free downloadable huemanlife FITKITS of (clean eating nutritional) tips and other fitness and exercise basics to help you get on your way to living a healthier life. Contact us for more of a personalized private fitness consultation and package rates based on your specific needs.

Your Commitment to Y-O-U!
Before we go further – lets establish this as YOUR commitment and no one else’s. Your own commitment and sacrifice is very NECESSARY to the success of your goals. The desire to change your health and lifestyle choices is something that may require finding things and influences to catapult you into that next hemisphere completely outside of yourself. Whatever it is know that nothing will work without sheer commitment to the building and defining of your future self – at its core. If you have that, please review the below nutrition downloadables and make the commitment to get on an active plan.

#1: TricksOfTheTrade-1: Getting started…Overview, Tips and helpful things to know starting a new eating lifestyle

#2: COOKING BASIX One Sheet (simple cooking methods for the non-cook, cooking tools, spices)

#3 HueManLife FITKIT: Fitness Basics:

Cooking is always the better option but we live very busy lives and our work life may not be conducive to daily cooking. In that case go here to find the best solution.

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