Let’s get started…Choosing to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle is a great choice and initially requires COMMITMENT and a deep-rooted DESIRE to change. If you have not one, but both of these ideals and are inspired by the suggestions provided via and our social media postings – and still feel the need for more attention; equally, if your level of commitment to change and your specific goals (i.e. recent health scare, lifestyle change, weddings, class reunions, etc.), require more of a personalized approach, don’t hesitate to contact us for a one-on-one consultation, including the below benefits*:

  • personalized knowledgeable one-on-one fitness and nutritional coaching
  • training that is unique to your goals
  • optimal clean eating approach to cooking instruction
  • maximize efficiency of time spent in the gym with focused workouts
  • effective and safe workouts with attention to proper form
  • insure results with special 3-week cycling program
  • staying flexible with hands-on stretching and stretching instruction

*Our fitness and nutritional coaching is exclusive. We only take on a limited amount of serious clients at a time to focus our goals and attention on. We foster positive energy and good vibes. Please note that we reserve the right to deny business for any reason deemed necessary including but not limited to negative attitude, failure to commit and/or personality conflicts, etc.

Complete form below or contact us by email for a health coach:

When emailing, please put (HUEMANLIFE: Service Request) in the subject line.

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